FATE Superhero Game

Anonymous and Madam Ying

A meta-human group calling itself Anonymous, struck a blow for meta-kind when they seized the Senate building and Airforce One, and hacked the Pentagon, when the Senate was voting on a bill on strict new laws against super criminals (as in, any person with super powers committing any crime). The federal government kept Bulwark out of Washington, and Major General Savage sent soldiers in to handle the situation. Bulwark sent a team of flying heroes towards the Air Force One, to see if they could at least help there.

In the end, no help was needed. The Anonymous members were all captured, killed or fled, with only some injuries to the members of the Senate. Air Force One was retaken by Secret Service agents, and the hackers were locked out of Pentagon.

Following these events, Bulwark was contacted by one of their criminal contacts, who desired to remain anonymous. He had heard that the events were orchestrated by Madam Ying of the Seven Sins. He did not appreciate what this would probably do to meta-human relations. So he ratted out all of Madam Ying’s hideouts that he knew about.

Bulwark acted quickly, and in secret, sending out teams to attack all the hideouts. The most senior members would attack a special facility in New York. One of the smaller teams, Red Baron, Light-Speed, Mirror Man, Trickshot and Rainbow Runt would take out a gambling hall hidden in an arcade hall in a shopping area.

The team busted in, and took out several hoodlums with super powers. However, the entire way they were plagued by a variety of illusions. In the end, however, the illusionist was taken out and the area secured.

Then White Blade, a senior member of Bulwark, teleported in, and told the group that he needed some papers that he believed would be hidden here, to penetrate the defenses in the New York facility. He almost got them too, but Light-Speed realized that something was wrong, and confirmed that White Blade was still in New York. The impostor was thwarted from obtaining the papers, but managed to teleport back out.

The papers were instead handed over to Scorch, since they looked to obtain some kind of magical rituals.


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