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Firestorm and the Demon Heart

After the Battle of Baltimore, the Union heroes quickly found that they were in another universe, and that they couldn’t find a way back, magically or otherwise. So it was decided to set up Bulwark as an organization in the Terra universe. Anthony Rutherford, the governor of Baltimore, was agreeable in this regard, and Bulwark began to recruit heroes from the new metas of Baltimore and beyond.

It was also decided that the crashed Cartel cruisers would be handed over to the US government, to facilitate cooperation with this universe’s governments. And this point, the Union heroes did not quite yet understand the geopolitics of this world, themselves coming from a world under a one-world government.

A couple of days later, before the US military has moved in to secure the craft, Rose Knight, Paladin and Shadow is on a mission to remove magical artifacts from the cruisers, before the hand-over. Scorch doesn’t trust these artifacts to other organizations, and has failed to inform Bulwark of their little operation. Trickshot, who is still independent, notices the incursion into the ships, and follows based on curiosity.

Inside the ship, the Scorch team goes about removing the artifacts. During their search, they uncover a recording by a Dhalo scientist. Behind the scientist are rows upon rows of suspended animation tanks, filled with superheroes. The scientist explains something to the camera, “The treatment is going exactly as expected. The transfer fluid interacts nicely with the subjects’ internal quantum-energy structure. Also as expected, the transfer fluid does not give nearly the same level of response from subjects that received their quantum-energy from other sources than The Event. Even after two weeks the response is extremely limited, and it is not expected that they can be completely drained by the treatment. I suggest..” and then the recording cuts off. The Scorch team decides that this recording needs to be handed over the Bulwark, once their mission is over.

The Scorch Team reached the center of the ship, where they encountered Firestorm, who was preparing to remove the ship’s Demon Heart. A fight was almost about to break out, when four Krayeen warriors suddenly also enter the scene, and a three-way struggle begins, with the Scorch team and Firestorm fighting over possession of the Demon Heart, while the Krayeen just shoot at everybody. Mostly at Paladin, though, when he moves in to disable them. Trickshot lends aid to the Scorch team from the shadows, pining down the Krayeen, while Paladin takes care of them.

In the end, the Krayeen is defeated, Firestorm escapes, and Trickshot slinks off before anyone can talk to him.

Paladin got a look into Firestorm’s mind, however, and not only does he know where his hideout is, he also knows how Firestorm managed to sneak past the Bulwark sentries. There is a mole inside Bulwark; Jumper.

Jumper is apprehended, and a large force of heroes travel to Firestorm’s base. Three separate teams of heroes are going to go in, while the rest guard the exits, to make sure that nobody escapes.

Armsman, Rose Knight, William and Time Lord will form one team. Paladin and his defeated Krayeen another team. And Gauntlet, Mecha Warrior and Plasmashot the last team.

During the infiltration the third team managed to set off the alarm, and the entire complex was filled with fire. Luckily Time Lord slowed time enough for the first team to get out before they were affected, and Paladin was trapped in a pit trap in another part of the complex. Mecha Warrior and Plasmashot did get pretty badly burned before they were retrieved, however.

Part of the group went in to find out where Paladin had disappeared off to, found him, and also ran into an invisible, illusion-slinging villain, that was trying to get away with the Demon Heart. The Demon Heart was saved, but the villain got away.

Then they went in after Firestorm wearing the same fireproof suits that he was equipping his minions with. Given that protection, Firestorm couldn’t even touch them, and they easily defeated him and his remaining minions.


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