FATE Superhero Game

Mastermind and Russian Refugees

The ready team in Baltimore, consisting of Light-Speed, Trickshot, Mirror Man and Rose Knight, was told that there was a bank robbery in progress in Bel Air, a northern sub urb.

Light-Speed ran ahead to check things out, and while he was at it, he tormented the get-away driver, until the man simply gave up and stopped moving.

The rest of the team arrived at about the same time as the cops, and got the go-ahead to go inside.

There they found Mastermind, and half a dozen thugs holding the bank personnel and customers hostage. Mastermind immediately began messing with peoples minds. In the ensuing mayhem, Trickshot tried to rescue the hostages, only to discover that Deadshot had set up on a building across the street (he discovered this when Deadshot almost shot him). Trickshot took out Deadshot with a flashbang arrow, while the rest of the team took out the thugs and caused Mastermind to flee to the back of the bank.

There one of the team removed his helmet, resulting in a psychic area attack which knocked several people unconscious (hostages, police officers, thugs), and gave the rest wicked headaches. Mastermind was knocked unconscious, and the helmet put back on.

Then there was a tremendous explosion from the downstairs vault. The group ventured down there, finding Ilianna, Kroscheck and Robert in a crater, the vault door smashed open, and Ilianna unconscious. Kroscheck went into a rage, but was contained by Light-Speed while Trickshot and Robert had a talk, where it was revealed that they were refugees from some kind of Russian meta-human prison camp.

Mastermind and the Russians were bundled into the groups transport, and returned to HQ, where the leadership decided to protect the trio, and not mention anything about it to the US government.

The leadership also set out the immediate concerns of Bulwark for the near future:

  • Set up a consulting business, to bring in some resources for Bulwark.
  • Acquire some extra-national territory, perhaps in the form of a Pacific Island, to set up the Bulwark HQ and provide a sanctuary for persecuted metas.
  • Form a new superhero organization under the UN, which should not be connected Bulwark. An organization created by the Terrans, so they would feel safe from Bulwark meddling.
  • Create lines of contact to the super villain organizations, so that a defense could be mustered if the Quantum Cartel were to return.


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