FATE Superhero Game

The Battle of Baltimore

Terra Universe

It started a week ago. The miracle day. The fire fighter from New York who walked through flames without being hurt. The Spanish ambulance driver who could heal by laying on hands. The Indian school teacher that could summon light, when his school was buried in a landslide.

On the second and third day, it turned out that the miracle heroes weren’t the only thing that had changed in the world. Eight tourists captured pictures of a swamp thing in the swamps of Louisiana. A wolf the size of a small car killed three people in France. Strange lights were seen in the depths of the coast of Japan.

On the fourth day, the first super villain appeared. He robbed a bank in China, and the bullets of the police didn’t hurt him as he peeled open the bank vault with his bare hands.

On the fifth day, the floodgates opened. Super villains seemed to appear all over. And so did super heroes, attempting to stop the bad guys.

This continued into the sixth day. As collateral damage continued to rise, the world reacted. Russia and China went into partial martial law. Politicians held meetings. Lynch mobs killed people suspected of being metas, especially in the third world.

Union Universe

In the union universe, metas have been around for a recently long time. The prime concern of the people here, is the Quantum Cartel, an evil alien empire that took over the Earth, until Earth was liberated some 1945, and then again tried to take over in 1981.

Now, in the year 2015, rumors go in the galactic community that the Quantum Cartel are being destroyed, their planets seized one by one by an unknown force. The population of Earth cheers.

However, two months after these rumors first appear, a massive Cartel fleet returns to Earth, swatting aside all defenses. An enormous mothership lands in the wastelands of Asia, and throws up an impenetrable force shield, The Black Dome, which shrugs off nuclear weapons and magical attacks alike.

From behind this shield, the Cartel sends out raiding parties, attacking cities until superheroes appear, and then capturing or killing them, taking the bodies back to the mothership.

This goes on for a while, but in the background, and alliance is formed between Union, the forces of good, and the various super villain organizations. Nobody are interested in the Cartel on Earth.

A plan with multiple fail-safes is concocted to bring down the shield, at which point all the remaining metas that can be scratched together will attack the mothership. The first stage works, the shield go down, and an army of super heroes and villains charge the mothership, while Cartel jetpack troopers and cruisers swoop down from above to protect the ship.

However, the fight is yet unresolved, when a message comes in that three nukes have been fired against the mothership. The attack stalls as some people fight on, while others try to get away. Then there is a light like that of a thousand suns from above the mothership.

Terra Universe

Suddenly a large number of super heroes, super villains and Cartel aliens find themselves in and above the city of Baltimore, as well as some 30 Cartel cruisers. The fight quickly takes on another character, as the super heroes need to protect civilians while fighting the Cartel aliens, and many of the super villains take off. In exchange, some of the newly empowered metas of Terra join in the fight.

Armsman spends most of the time directing the fight and trying to protect civilians.

Time Lord and William take to the skies, each in their own way, and start disabling the Cartel cruisers one by one.

Rose Knight finds himself busy, when the demon Halphas catches up with him, and seems to indicate that Rose Knight stole his name. Rose Knight doesn’t even remember the demon. Armsman catches up with this fight, and spends most of it fighting Halphas’s minions; humans armed with military-grade armor and weapons.

Once the heroes has taken out a bunch of the Cartel cruisers, the rest decide to leave, and a bunch escaped into space. Halphas also escaped, once more heroes were brought in to take him down.


Rubberduck Rubberduck

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