FATE Superhero Game

The Aberdeen Proving Ground

Bulwark has made Firestorm’s lair into their new HQ, leaving only the duty staff in their old accomodations inside the city of Baltimore. The military has also come to Baltimore, putting up a cordon around the Cartel cruisers, while they try to figure out how to salvage them.

The duty team, consisting of Paladin, Rose Knight, Light-Speed, and William got a report that something was going down at the Abeerdeen Proving Ground north of Baltimore. They were prohibited by entering the Proving Grounds themself, since that was military territory, and the military was denying access to all metas, but they were to head north in case they were asked for help.

On the way north, however, it became clear that Major General Savage wasn’t going to invite them inside.

Light-Speed had run ahead, and could see a fight going on inside the base, between the soldiers and some people in jet packs.

Once the rest of the group reached the southern end of the Proving Grounds, William decided to make his way into the Proving Grounds on foot, despite knowing that the area had been used to test biological and chemical weapons.

The rest of the group headed east around the Proving Grounds over open water, following the directions of Light-Speed who had seen a hostile break off from the fight with the soldiers carrying something big. The rest of the hostiles started flying north.

The group concentrated on the lone figure, and took him down. His cargo turned out to be some experimental chemicals, which were handed back to the military. Savage begrudgingly thanked the group for their assistance.


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