FATE Superhero Game

The Robotocist (A bit into the future)

Light Speed, Mirror Man, Rainbow Runt and Red Baron were the team on duty in Houston when the message came down the wire that an oil rig in the Gulf had radioed in that they were under attack by robots, and then gone of the air.

The team traveled out to the oil rig, and found that it was indeed overrun by robots, which seemed to be keeping the rig running. There was no sign of the human crew. Just the robots and in the computer system a data connection leading back to the mainland, through which someone was keeping the digital side of things running.

The group cleared out the robots, and during the course of this discovered that their cranial housing contained actual human brains. They were brainbots.

Investigation by an off-team super hacker, revealed that the data connection had led to a pair of coordinates outside a small fishing village. Light-Speed ran ahead, scouted out the fishing village, got a fish burger at the local dinner, and generally just got bored. When he scouted out the nearby cliffs, he did spot some underwater caves, close to the coordinates that they had been given by the hacker.

Once the rest of the team arrived, they ventured into the cave, and came upon a hidden harbor, in which were several submarines, and the entrance to an underground base.

In the underground base, they found more brainbots, and the workshops for creating them, as well as Bulldozer and Racer. The pair tried to stop them from advancing any further, with the help of a small army of brainbots, but the heroes came through in the end and advanced further into the base.

Here they came upon The Robotocist, who was talking with a shadowy figure, and promising him that he would soon have things under control. When the team entered, the shadowy figure disappeared, and the Robotocist threatened them a bit, then disappeared through a hatch in the floor.

Below the floor was his megabot, a fifty foot tall robot that he could control from inside a control room in its head. He took the robot to the surface, inside the fishing village, upon which time Rainbow Runt blinded it. As the now blinded robot blundered around, destroying buildings, it turned out that approximately half the population of the village were actually brainbots in disguise, and they began firing upon the heroes. A battle progressed, where the heroes attempted to protect civilians while taking down the giant robot. In the end, Red Baron made his way inside, and drained the Robotocist of blood until he stopped moving. Mission success.


Rubberduck Rubberduck

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