House Rules

Mobs and Hordes

Mobs and hordes make a single roll, but gains a bonus to the roll, depending on how many they are.

In situations where only part of a mob or horde is involved in a roll, reduce the modifier to fit the number of creatures affected.


Mobs make a single roll, but gains a bonus depending on the amount of members in a mob:

2-3 +1
4-7 +2
8-20 +3

Attacks against a mob removes one member of the mob for every shift.


When enough enemies are together, they stop being mobs and become hordes.

Hordes have a +4 bonus to rolls. In addition, any attacks on a horde doesn’t tend to seriously reduce its size, instead a success on an attack merely results in a boost against the horde (just like a tie). A success with style will hurt the horde, with an amount of damage equal to the amount of shifts – 3.

Hordes tend to have one stress box for every 100 members (or fraction thereof) of the mob.

House Rules

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