Other People

Local Authorities

  • Anthony Rutherford: Governor of Maryland, and generally pro-meta after they saved Baltimore from aliens.
  • Major General Savage: Leader of the armed forces around Baltimore. Seems disinclined to receive help from Bulwark and other heroes, trusting in the strength of USA’s military might.

Real Solutions

A consulting firm header by Union universe supergenius Sue Hubbard AKA Brain Girl. This new company is really just a continuation of her company in the Union universe, except now she has less competition.


Headed by the Union universe supergenius Thomas Klein AKA Iron Arm, Transdynamics is a start-up company seeking to revolutionize robot technology with Union universe technology.

Unity Tech

A computer technology start-up headed by Machine 6 AKA Robodroid, an AI from the Union universe. Machine 6 has an android body indistinguishable from a human one, and has taken the name Joe Flat.


Russian Refugees

Ilianna, Kroscheck and Robert appears to have escaped from some sort of Russian facility.

Other People

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