Union Universe

Superhero Organizations


The official coordinator of super hero activity, under which all good superheroes were expected to sign up, so the defense of Earth could best be coordinated.


The department of Union that handled security. They were responsible for the majority of the “normal” heroes that were signed up with Union.


The department of Union that handled aliens and off-Earth activity. They generally coordinated aliens that had signed up with Union, and Terran heroes that operated outside of Earth’s atmosphere. They also handled all research into alien and space technology.


An independent group that reported to Union. Though not officially a part of Union, and, in fact, not officially existing, they generally provided magical expertise, and snatched up a lot of the magical heroes.


1803 – Earth was attacked invaded by an alien armada, known as The Quantum Cartel. They enslaved mankind and made they help steal the planets resources. There was some resistance in the beginning but everyone became rather obedient when the Cartel decided to flex its muscles by destroying Asia and most of Russia.

1830 – Two giant armies coming from rifts in the earth surface and gates floating on clouds to liberate about half the planet for a day before they were pushed back. These two were said to have been Devils and Angels, but who knows. The Cartels technology was so advanced that they could force these supernatural beings to flee back to where they came, not without big loses though. All the corpses were collected by the Cartel so little is known about the true nature of the would-be saviors.

1900 – Giant storms started harrying the planet as a result of the stolen resources. It could be -40 C on day and +70 C the next. And you know other extreme weather. The Cartel moved all people to the big cities where they build special spheres that lessened the weather to a survivable intensity.

1945 – In May the earth was liberated by 10.000 aliens and they could best be described as having godlike powers, they were shot by giant beam cannons and bare flinched. Some tales tell of a small group of them putting up some kind of shield to deflect the beam that took out Asia and pushed it back out in space.

1950 – After five years with the alien group, calling itself FSI, Federation for Sentient Independence, helping re-establish the governments of earth they left, because they had more urgent matters to attend to.

1951 – The first official case of Meta-genes was discovered and examined

1975 – The storms lessened to averagely 15 deadly storms per year.

1980 – The Union of Humankind was founded. The first worldwide organization founded since the war ended. They started out by going out and collected the Meta’s as to make sure the public was safe. They quickly relinquished that plan though, as the majority of the public disapproved and a sudden boom in super powered beings made from manmade science and from mystic sources. They hereafter only tried to help those that sought it, may it be guidance or tried to find a cure for those who wished it, and thought themselves dangerous to others.

1981 – The Quantum Cartel returned to get retribution for their defeat. A message from FSI stated that they sadly could not assist as they were dealing with an entire army elsewhere. The Cartel meanwhile made a worldwide statement that they would retake all earthly cities one at a time.

They announced in good time which place they would take next to make people run from one home to the next. It went on for months and soon there wasn’t room for all the people who ran and they had to camp outside the cities in the extreme weather.
Then as all hope seemed gone and people was at their limit and could not bear to run anymore, it just so happened that the Cartel came to a city called Richwood. It was a small town, the smallest that had ever been domed against the weather, so it was home for small 2.000 people. Here people did not flee. They saw no hope for the future anymore so they just awaited the inevitable. As they stood in their houses with all the fugitives from other cities they had invited in, lay in their alleys as they could not find a place to stay and watched the 3 Cartel cruisers advance towards the city.

It is said that a peculiar sight was seen, a small group of individuals standing on the rooftops facing the advancing fleet. They all wore cloaks to hide who they were, why they did is still a mystery. The rumor says that they all stood as if they would rather die fighting than ever bow down again. As the fleet got even closer it is said that the entire population of the city decided to go outside the dome to leave the cloaks to their death fight with the 3 cruisers who each held 10.000 Cartel Cronies.

Therefore everybody left the city in a controlled flow, moving as one single mind. They surrounded the city and waited. Several sources explain that they did for some reason not panic even once. Where they had been anxious earlier that day they just felt safe as they stood there waiting for their city to be invaded. Several describes with different words that they felt as if they were cradled in their mothers arms, and they were all adults.

As they stood there a storm suddenly whipped up and it looked to be one of the more nasty ones. Yet they did not move or flinch as lightning zipped across the sky or the thunder nearly deafened them. Because they knew, somehow knew that the storms fury was not intended for them.

There are several rather contradicting stories as what happened next but it all sums up to this. The fighting raged and the people just stood and witnessed it. In the eye of the storm they stood and paid it no heed. The day grew late and turned to night and people watched, as the night sky was lit up by beams of red and green.

Some hours before dawn the weather broke but the thunder kept sounding. The flaming bird it was disturbed and plummeted down to earth. The demolishing crew had break at noon and never returned to work. As the second day turned into night the red was all alone.

At dawn of the third day there wasn’t any sound of war and what was left of people’s homes was just a husk of ash. Every single person there began to cry, but why they did not know. They all felt like they had lost a friend very dear. The neighboring cities sent help in form of water, cloth and food. As they arrived at the scene they were shocked to say the least. The people quickly formed up to lines as surely as if it had been drilled. They made a line for every convoy and for those yet to arrive.

They neither touched dry nor wet till everyone had had their share, then they ate and drank, lay down and were all asleep. Several of the volunteers say without a doubt that the last person they dealt rations to was a person in torn cloak, which smelled of nothing but a bloody fight.

When the people woke panic spread but enough help had come to keep it in check. The Union had come and offered whatever help it could, though all were ordinary humans it seemed.

If you ask any of the survivors today they look you straight in the eye and say, that 13 people stood on those roofs and they have not a single proof, to back up those claims. At least half of all the people there was after that peculiar affair, interviewed to find out what had happened. Every single of them said that they had no clue but the ones who had fought had been a mother, a scholar, a critic, a smile, a human, a brother, a child, a stranger, a friend, an outcast, a passion, a slave and a quitter. They could give no further explanation what that meant.

1990 – The new Capital of the world was finished. It is placed where Richwood used to be and is called Unity. In it is a 13 cornered square with a fountain in the middle with 13 figures made to resemble The Thirteen, who fought in Richwood. Each statue is facing towards a building made to honour their nicknames, a maternity clinic for the mother, a homeless shelter for the outcast and so forth. It was also this year the Union got its proposal, to grant individual heroes influence as a police captain, signed. They swear an oath to themselves, a delegation of nation heads and to the memory of the Thirteen, that they will uphold law and order and help where needed and if the Cartel ever comes back, to protect the population of earth from its wrath.

2000 – Super powered villains shot up everywhere and the Union started its work containing dangerous individuals as well as training people to control a power suit to function as jailers and policemen towards these above average criminals, as the number of villains quickly outpaced those of heroes.

2013 – This year

Union Universe

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