Deathdealers Guild

A group of snipers and assassins that crossed over from the Union universe. Those that crossed were all metas of some kind or another, but the old guild also incorporated mundane assassins, and the guild may look to do so in Terra as well.

  • Deadshot(U): Expert sniper. (At large)

Seven Sins of Man

A mysterious group divided into seven sub-divisions, each related to one of the mortal sins. They are generally involved in the underworld, each sub-division catering to its own kind of criminal activity.

Though only few of the group made the transition from the Union universe, they are having an easy time recruiting small time criminals that have become metas.

  • Madam Ying(U): The mysterious leader of Greed, known to deal extensively in illusions. (At large)


An extremist group that wants to create the perfect world (as seen by themselves). All members are fanatical followers of the leader Adonis who was emperor of the small nation Alalonia in the Unity universe.

Darkside Inc.

Not a super villain organization in the traditional sense, Darkside Inc. specializes in building lairs for super villains. Super villains all deny knowing who they are, and in some cases even deny that they exist.

Unaffiliated Bad Guys

  • Bulldozer(T): A bruiser. (Jailed)
  • Firestorm(T): A techie with a penchant for fire. (Jailed)
  • Halphas: A demon with a bone to pick with Rose Knight. (At large)
  • Jumper(U): Able to jump really far. Previously a member of Bulwark, but turned out to be a Seven Sins informant. (Jailed)
  • Mastermind(T): Mind controller. (Jailed)
  • Razer(T): A speedster. (Jailed)
  • Robotocist(T): A techie with a penchant for robots, who created brainbots. (Hospitalized with acute bloodloss)


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