Given powers by Doctor Nefarious, as part of one of his plots to create superpowered henchmen, BioFreak spent a number of years as minor villain, hired muscle and henchman, apart from prison time, and a few attempts at a more honest work, BioFreak was finally offered at place in Unit Black – a project by Unity, headed up by heroes like Armsman, offering full amnesty for doing a number of suicidal missions.
Following theses missions, and tutoring from some heroes, BioFreak could finally call himself a hero, though he’s still not quite convinced himself, that he’s actually worthy to work alongside heroes like The Vanguards and others.

BioFreak have been one of the main characters in the MWA – Meta Wrestling Association – for years, starting while he was still considered a minor villain outside of the ring. After his reformation, he have spent more time on the MWA, being one of the founders of the newest incarnation, though he have taken on a bit more of a managing role, attempting to redeem the bleak reputation of the Association, by supporting new fighters to give up their villainous ways.

A lot of his time off from heroing work for Unity, and managing the MWA, is used as bouncer at the meta-human bar POWERZ!!
That he is one of the owners of POWERZ!! is one of the better kept secrets of the place, a thing that fits BioFreak just fine.

He still has a number of contacts among the lesser villains, and is trying to convince some of the less satisfied to change their ways, as well as helping them find honest work.
Unfortunately, his change of heart have also turned some former allies against him, chief among those being Spite – an ex-girlfriend – and Razor-Speed, both fellow creations of Doctor Nefarious, as well as Doctor Nefarious being rumored to have put a price on BioFreaks head, though claims persist the Nefarious have been killed.

On Terra
Having joined the assault on the Cartel, BioFreak is one of the heroes transported from Unity to Baltimore.
Here, he was quickly targeted by media and anti-metas, due to his less than heroic looks, and have therefore tried to fade a bit more into the background of the hero community.
He have tried to keep up some of his contacts in the villain community, as well as establishing something akin to both the MWA and POWERZ!! in the new world, though he’s missing funds to actually realize his plans.
He have considered returning to being a villain, but know he would lose a lot of respect and friends if he did that.

For now, he is working with Armsman, training new metas – both heroes and villains.
Armsman have also shared his plan of a sort of Black Ops team of heroes, and to include BioFreak in that lineup.


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