Alien Races

Cartel Races

Cartel Commander

The exact race of these creatures are not known, though first-hand accounts hint that they might be related to the Dhalo. The possess powers of shadow, and are able to teleport.

The race had never been seen in Cartel service, until the Battle of Baltimore, where they captained the Cartel cruisers above the city.


Intelligent and greedy race. The Cartel’s primary craftsmen, researchers and infiltrators.


The Cartel shocktroopers, big, tough and spoiling for a fight. They possess natural poisons, and when armed with Cartel technologies, they can prove a serious threat.

Other Races


A warrior race. Thus far the only members of the race that have been met are a bunch of pirates, who see the Earth as easy pickings.

They have an honor codex. If they are defeated in combat, but the victor spares their life, they owe the victor a life debt, and must serve him until they have saved his life in return.

Alien Races

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